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International Rescue Committee

TEACH Project in Baluchistan

Challenge:  Adolescent girls in Baloch communities face barriers to accessing education, leading to a lack of primary education.


  • 12-episode radio drama

  • 40 radio short stories

  • 10 TV animations

  • A comprehensive 6 month advocacy campaign on multiple digital platforms

Target Audience

  • Policy Makers

  • Change Agents

  • Families

  • Baloch communities 

  • Foreign Donors

  • International community

Girls benefited from home-based classes
Audience Reached
0 million+
Girls transitioned to formal public schools after ALP
0 million+
Girls completed financial literacy
Girls enrolled in vocational training

Significant impact on future generations in Baluchistan

The Coca-Cola Company

Sustainable Plastic Roads

Challenge: Millions of tons of plastic waste generated every year, which often ends up in landfills or pollutes the environment. As Coca-Cola's digital PR agency, the organization’s plastic road project as a sustainable solution that addresses this problem by using recycled plastic waste, including Coca-Cola bottles, to build durable roads. This initiative not only reduces waste but also provides a practical and innovative solution for infrastructure development, highlighting Coca-Cola's commitment to sustainability and efforts to minimize its environmental impact while showcasing the positive social and economic benefits of this project.


  • Branded Coca Cola outdoor public event and press conference in collaboration with Federal Government of Pakistan

  • Twitter coverage igniting a conversation of Coca-Cola spearheading sustainable initiatives

  • Instagram coverage showcasing the, event, initiative and its outcomes through engaging visuals in all its glory

  • High resolution photography and videography with multiple thematic montages

  • Content Creation and collaboration with influencers to spread the message of sustainability far and wide

  • Interviews of acclaimed guests, honorable ministers and dignitaries

Target Audience

  • Environmental organizations

  • Government agencies responsible for waste management and infrastructure development

  • Consumers who prioritize sustainable products and initiatives

  • Communities impacted by plastic waste pollution and infrastructure need

  • Competitors and other FMCG producers

People reached
0 million
Content interactions

Top 5 twitter trending

Coca-Cola - FIFA

FIFA Believing is Magic

Challenge: As FIFA's oldest sponsor, Coca Cola had the responsibility of showcasing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to football fans worldwide. Every four years before the world's biggest and most followed sports event took off, the FIFA World Cup Trophy went on a journey to all major sporting countries of the world as part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, showcasing the award in all its glory. Coca Cola managed and arranged the event in all major cities of these countries.
As Coca Cola's official digital PR agency, our challenge was to cover the entire FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour and manage on-ground engagement activities that showcased love for the sport, the Coca Cola brand, and Coke x FIFA's commitment to sustainability. Despite the trophy being in each country for just a few hours, we aimed to make the most of this opportunity and create a memorable experience for all involved.

Target Audience

  • Football fans across the globe

  • Local and International Consumers

  • Stakeholders interested in sustainable initiatives

  • Local and International Media

  • Competitors and other FMCG multinational and local organizations


  • 3 Global digital campaigns

  • Digital account management, coverage & boosting

  • #BelievingIsMagic twitter campaign

  • Mass rollout on instagram blogs

19M twitter reach with 35.1K interactions, 1.4K mentions & 24K Shares

People reached overall
0 + million
Reach through influencer marketing
0 million
Reach through Fifa Trivia
0 million
Reach through digital publications
0 million

Hashtag #BelievingIsMagic served to be amongst top search results in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia.